Advanced Contextual Targeting Unveiled on Youtube

With millions of people choosing to cancel their traditional TV subscriptions this year, YouTube is continuing its goal of capturing video demand and budget. With over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, marketers can now target audiences at a more granular level thanks to Youtube’s new advanced contextual targeting feature. 

Historically, YouTube has allowed marketers to target consumers based on their interest in topics, such as cars. Although this can be very useful, this can still result in a rather broad audience of all users who are watching car-related videos.

With YouTube’s new Advanced Contextual Targeting (ACT), the platform now can understand which type of car videos the consumer is interested in watching, helping advertisers more tightly target the right consumers. Instead of targeting users interested in watching car videos, marketers can now target the consumer’s specific interests within that category — such as car restoration or luxury cars.

Key Takeaway

With advanced contextual targeting on YouTube, marketers can now more tightly target in-market audiences. This new feature will help businesses to better optimize their YouTube campaigns and targeting for a quicker ROI.