Amazon Officially Announces Pharmacy, Prime Benefits

Since 2018, when Amazon acquired PillPack, consumers have been awaiting the announcement of their new prescription delivery services. The wait is over — on Tuesday, Amazon officially announced the upcoming launch of Amazon Pharmacy. Amazon’s push into the pharmaceutical industry will cause traditional pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, and even grocers like Walmart to take a hit on their medication-based income streams. 

During the pandemic, prescription delivery services have been in high demand. The average consumer is very concerned about the risk of leaving their house to fill a prescription. They’ve turned instead to services like Cover My Meds, ZipDrug, and Capsule in order to receive their medication in a safer manner. For two years, Amazon has been quietly working in the background to prepare Amazon Pharmacy, where Prime Members will receive free two-day shipping on prescriptions. With their established base of Prime Members and the unique benefits they’re offering to those who sign up, Amazon is positioned to capitalize on the changing medication-filling preferences of consumers. 

Key Takeaway: 

Amazon has been making waves in several industries over the past few years with additions like Prime Video, Prime Music, a partnership with Twitch, and their latest move — Amazon Pharmacy. These moves have set Amazon up to be a one-stop e-commerce platform for just about everything. With over 112 million active Prime users already, Amazon shows no signs of slowing down.