Amazon Opens up Twitch for Programmatic Ads

Amazon is continuing to look for unique ways to help advertisers reach new customers. This month, the e-commerce giant began selling display ads on Twitch, the fastest-growing broadcasting network for content creators and gamers.

Twitch is a highly interactive platform in which viewers chat and comment back and forth with their favorite streamers, making it attractive to brands trying to engage new audiences. Much like Instagram influencers, the streamers have a sense of trust and relationship with their audience, opening up new possibilities for partnerships with brands. 

With Amazon’s recent change, businesses can now reach a young, engaged, new-to-brand audience on Twitch with more efficiency than ever before. Not unlike Facebook targeting, Twitch viewers can now be targeted based on interests. A key advantage to targeting the right audiences on Twitch will be the insights Amazon offers. With Twitch’s growing audience, a projected 37.5 million viewers, marketers now have the opportunity to reach 16% of the U.S. audience for digital video. Between offering access to such a wide audience, and the opportunity to zero in on your niche target market with Amazon insights, Twitch programmatic advertising could prove to be a real game changer for brands big and small.

Key Takeaway:

For businesses selling products on Amazon who are looking for unique ways to reach a young, highly engaged audience, Twitch may be the perfect fit. With tighter and more efficient targeting, you can now serve display ads to Twitch viewers based on interests and Amazon insights. Twitch reaches 16% of the U.S. audience for digital video — it’s time to consider utilizing Twitch display ads as part of your Amazon strategy.