Could Google AI Generate Engaging Video Content for Your Brand?

This week, Google announced via their AI blog that they’re exploring new ways to use artificial intelligence — namely, in the creation of video content.

URL2Video is still in prototype mode, but it’s already pretty impressive. This program works exactly the way the name suggests — it takes existing web pages and automatically turns their content into engaging videos. 

What Does this Mean for My Brand?

This is big news for brands and content creators. There’s a reason YouTube and TikTok are both working toward offering on-platform e-commerce functionality — video content is the top performer when it comes to engagement. There’s a growing appetite for video content, too. 54% of  consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This new tool could prove to be a godsend for brands looking to offer engaging content without renting out a full production studio, or even purchasing advanced video editing software. URL2Video offers a new way to use AI in your marketing strategy.

How Does it Work?

When you input a web page into URL2Video, the program parses the page’s content for images, text and existing videos. Each asset then becomes a “shot” in the generated video. It builds shots and animations through automated editing decisions, picking out key messages from the web page based on a ranking of each asset’s hierarchy within the design of the page. For example, headlines rank higher than body copy, so they receive prominence in the video as well. 

It also checks out the page’s fonts, colors, and other design elements and applies them to the video, effectively automating the application of accurate branding across the video. The only things you need to do manually are determine the video length and dimensions — shockingly simple.

What’s the Catch?

The program is still a prototype, meaning we can’t get our hands on it just yet. Google is working to add audio and voiceover capabilities to the AI prior to release.

But, whenever we marketers finally get to take URL2Video for a spin, one thing is clear: Our web page design better be on point. If you want to generate strong video content using this tool, you’re going to need to have strong web content.

Key Takeaways:

It’s time to get to work on your web pages. Establish clear hierarchies for your text and graphic elements, build a strong path to your call to action and implement cohesive branding throughout your website. Doctoring up your web pages will position you to make the most of URL2Video when it is released.