How Brands Like Burberry Are Changing Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Burberry is joining Nike and other large brands in testing social retail stores. The brand is taking the brick-and-mortar experience to the next level by connecting the physical retail store with an online experience. Consumers can now interact with the store in person and on social media, earning social currency and rewards as they browse and explore.

Social retail allows brands to engage with consumers in ways that were previously impossible, like augmented reality and in-store games. While technology changes, allowing for more innovation in e-commerce, the focus remains on the customer. With Burberry’s social retail store, consumers are able to try on clothes virtually, whether the store physically carries the style or size you need or not. This directly addresses one of the biggest pain points for customers – not being able to visualize what clothes look like on yourself without physically trying them on in-store. The result is a seamless and unique shopping experience for Burberry customers.

Key Takeaway:

Technology may change the landscape of how we interact with customers, but one thing remains the same: The brands pulling ahead use tech to provide unique value and experiences for customers. Instead of looking for and investing in ways to create efficiency in their current business model, Burberry invested in the customer. Giving the consumer value through unique experiences positions your brand for receiving down the road.