How to Use Paid Facebook Events as a Brand

As events are going digital during COVID-19, Facebook is creating a big opportunity for businesses to engage their customers in new ways.

Facebook Launches Paid Online Events

In a new feature, businesses can now create, promote, collect payment, and host events all in one place. This allows consumers to “attend” events and engage with the community without putting themselves at risk. Some companies are starting to capitalize on this new feature by hosting cooking classes, meet and greets, fitness classes, and even trivia nights.

How does this apply to your business?

If you are looking for unique ways to engage with your audience during the pandemic, Facebook’s paid online events are a great opportunity to provide additional value to your customers. As with any offer, the key to a successful Facebook event is knowing your audience — and zeroing in on where you can add value to their lives. This is a great opportunity to build community and ultimately brand loyalty. With almost half of consumers changing brand preferences during the pandemic, your brand needs to be constantly thinking about new ways to provide value to and engage new and existing customers.

Key Takeaways:

Facebook paid events are a great opportunity for brands to offer additional value to customers as well as draw in new customers during the pandemic.