Instagram Expands Shoppable Posts

As the future of TikTok in the United States remains uncertain, Instagram is continuing its efforts to combat the growing video platform — and get ahead of the Google Shoploop buzz. Beginning on Monday, Instagram allowed users to test shopping functionality within Instagram TV videos. They also plan to release shoppable Reels later in the year. As TikTok recently developed a partnership with e-commerce platform “Teespring” for shopping functionality, the Instagram update comes at a perfect time.

Instagram TV is unique compared to TikTok, as it allows for long-form videos. While TikTok restricts video length to 60 seconds, Instagram TV allows for up to 60 minutes of video per post. This gives businesses the opportunity to create valuable content for consumers, while also keying in on your most engaged audience. With Instagram TV videos being up to 60 minutes long, it is safe to say that consumers who watch or engage with your Instagram TV videos are more likely to purchase — making the new shopping functionality a great addition.

Later in the year, Instagram will roll out shopping functionality to Reels, a recently released feature that allows users to record and post 15 second video clips set to music. Reels directly combats TikTok’s short-form video clips, and the added shopping functionality should be enough to regain some of the advertising dollars the platform has lost to TikTok over the last year.

Key Takeaway:

If your business is considering a TikTok strategy, you may want to consider applying similar approaches to Instagram, where your consumers may be more engaged and more likely to convert. Creating engaging, long-form videos that add value to your customers could be a unique way to drive additional sales through your social media.