Instagram Moves Further into E-Commerce Space, Introduces Professional Dashboard

With over 200 million users visiting at least one Business Profile each day, it’s no wonder Instagram has quickly become a go-to platform for businesses big and small. It solidified its popularity as an entertainment and social media app years ago. But, in the past year, we’ve also seen Instagram make moves toward becoming a popular e-commerce platform. In 2020, they expanded shoppable posts, introduced Reels and quickly made them shoppable too. (They’re not the only ones trying to go from entertainment to e-commerce, either. YouTube, TikTok, Google and Facebook are all on the bandwagon, too.)

Earlier this week, Instagram made another move to stake its claim as an e-commerce platform, announcing the launch of their new Professional Dashboard. This centralized hub of tools is designed to support businesses and creators that use the platform as part of their strategy. 

“Since launch in November, over 82 million accounts have visited the Professional Resources hub and 37 million accounts have tapped on at least one item. We have built on this momentum with the launch of the new Professional Dashboard, and will continue to make the experience better throughout 2021.”


What’s New in the Professional Dashboard?

Well, not much — yet. Instagram says they’re starting by creating a go-to place for businesses to access and use the tools already available to them. Their hope is that the dashboard will help businesses:

  1. Track the performance of their account better, leading to enhanced insights on trends
  2. Discover tools to increase efficiency, build and grow their business, and keep an eye on their monetization status and eligibility.
  3. Learn how to make the most of their business account on Instagram by engaging with educational resources.

Though there isn’t much in the way of new tools on the dashboard yet, Instagram says they plan to roll out more resources in time, including guidance and tips on how to build your Instagram business.

Key Takeaways:

Instagram is adding another notch to its e-commerce belt, and just revealed that there are more on the way. Now is a good time to establish your business account and start familiarizing yourself with the tools it offers. It’s also a good time to get your Instagram strategy right — here’s where you should start.