Is an Influencer Strategy Right for Your Brand?

As businesses continue to look for ways to connect with new audiences, influencer marketing presents a unique opportunity for brands that are active on social media. With the launch of new Facebook and Instagram features, like Reels, paid events and Facebook Shop, now could be the perfect time for your brand to kick off an influencer campaign. 

What makes an influencer campaign effective?

It’s no secret that content that is authentic and aligns with your brand will earn the most engagement. In the past, the options to engage a new audience on social media were limited: You either partnered with another brand, or ran paid promotions to new audiences. Influencer marketing introduces a new, more controlled way of targeting new audiences. 

By choosing an influencer with an audience that shares many of the same characteristics as your own, you can benefit from the level of trust and engagement the influencer has with their audience. Instead of boosting your post to an audience unfamiliar with your brand or offer, influencers allow the post to act as a testimonial, immediately making the audience more receptive to the content. 

Key Takeaway:

With almost half of consumers changing preferences over the course of the pandemic, influencer marketing presents a big opportunity to attract new audiences and customers more efficiently and effectively than boosted posts. If your brand is active on social media and is looking to attract new customers, developing an influencer strategy could benefit your brand greatly.