TikTok and Shopify Announce Partnership

TikTok has boomed into an entertainment giant, boasting over 100 million highly engaged consumers in just the United States. This week, TikTok announced its new partnership with the fastest-growing e-commerce platform — Shopify. 

Pairing Shopify’s catalog of over 1 million merchants with TikTok’s fast-growing, engaged audience seems like a no-brainer. As video continues to gain popularity as the go-to social medium across all platforms, TikTok presents the opportunity for brands to convert these highly engaged users into customers — without ever leaving the app. 

This news follows the announcement that Google is looking to turn YouTube into an e-commerce site, and allows TikTok to continue to generate the advertising revenue that has helped them grow to the entertainment giant they are today. 

Key Takeaway

As TikTok partners with Shopify to bring e-commerce functionality to the world’s fastest-growing entertainment platform, the time is right for your business to consider having a presence on TikTok. Create authentic, engaging content that resonates with your target audience, install the TikTok pixel to your site to effectively measure conversions, and begin testing!