Walmart & Tastemade Collaborate on Shoppable Video Content for the Holidays

Walmart is the latest to join the shoppable video content movement we’ve seen this year. In recent months, TikTok teamed up with Shopify to bring e-commerce to the app, Google announced their new influencer-based video shopping app, Shoploop and made moves to turn YouTube into a shopping platform.

Now, Walmart is partnering with Tastemade to make it easy for consumers to learn new holiday recipes and nab all the necessary ingredients without tedious list-making or in-store shopping. “Struggle Meals” is a new show on Tastemade devoted to offering unique recipes that keep the holidays fun and help people make the most of their changing holiday plans — from cooking for smaller gatherings, to having a little less grocery budget than previous years. Chef Frankie Celenza hosts, walking viewers through low-waste, healthy recipes like holiday brisket tacos or Thanksgiving turkey burgers.

Walmart steps up the experience by making the grocery-getting easy and COVID era-friendly. Viewers can interact with the content right in the moment, texting an on-screen number to add recipe ingredients directly to their Walmart online grocery cart. When they’re ready to get cooking, viewers simply swing by their nearest Walmart to pick up their ingredients — no in-store shopping needed.

This new partnership gives Walmart easy access to Tastemade’s well-established, 300-million-strong monthly audience — presenting a big opportunity to further bolster Walmart’s status as a retail and grocery giant. It certainly won’t hurt sales for the brands being used in the recipes, either. If we were a Walmart grocery brand, we’d certainly be aiming to get our products worked into the programming.

Key Takeaway:

Yet another pair of content-creation and retail giants are joining hands and hopping aboard the shoppable streaming bandwagon. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start putting serious thought behind how your offerings could fit into the video-centric shopping experience — because it’s not going away anytime soon.